Germinazioni - Musei civici Macerata


Germinazioni - Musei civici Macerata

Civic museums at Palazzo Buonaccorsi, from 17th July to 31st October 2015
Feeding the soul through knowledge of the local territory, rooting art and generating a new, unexpected germination
The theme chosen for the 2015 edition of the Macerata Opera Festival suggests a reflection on the cultural richness and receptivity of the local territory from the point of view of art. Its aim is to highlight the arduous and never ending struggle against the limits of matter, from which the infinite branching of visual arts originates.
The art exhibition “Germinazioni” ties together the threads that characterise the cultural itinerary on modern art recently hosted by the Macerata civic museums, with the intention of detecting the flows through which art spreads osmotically in the local territory. Starting from the 1970s, Pinacoteca art gallery’s curators and its partners, among which the Macerata Academy of Fine arts, have constantly promoted culture, offering food for cultural thought. After decades, we are now able to see the great richness of important personalities and the strong tendency to experiment that characterised the city of Macerata in those years. The enduring presence of artistic mastery has produced a number of different sensibilities and left long-lasting marks, creating a perceivable cultural environment.
The exhibition focuses on the result of this complex richness, a tangle of creative germination on the whole context, which is reflected in the artworks shown in the Pinacoteca art gallery. Furthermore, it draws from past exhibitions held in the last decades. The artworks included in the modern art collection partially reflect the will to exhibit the artistic production that started in the last part of the XX century, which is necessarily subject to rotation and integration. “Germinazioni” expands this itinerary with the intention to boost the creative energy that characterises the gallery’s permanent exhibition. Though the exhibited artists come from different generations and backgrounds, they share the same, strong view of the present and an intense participation in the local community, even if at different stages. The grand staircase of the gallery combines the different rooms of the ground floor, which can be intended as a suggestive starting point to follow the itinerary or as a temporary place to stop.

Featured artists: Alfredo Alimento, Sirio Bellucci, Carlo Bruzzesi, Alfonso Cacchiarelli, Pietro Capozucca, Valeria Ciaffi, Egidio del Bianco, Tonino Ferrajoli, Francesca Gentili, Paolo Gobbi, Carlo Iacomucci, Mauro Mazziero, Marina Mentoni, Ermenegildo Pannocchia, Giulio Perfetti, Riccardo Piccardoni, Sirio Reali, Giovanni Scagnoli.