GIOVANNI SCAGNOLI's artworks will be included in the Triennale International Exhibition of Visual Arts, held in Rome at Il Vittoriano from 25th March to 22nd April 2017

triennale critici
In its past editions, the Triennale International Exhibition has already been acclaimed by both critics and visitors, becoming one of the most eagerly awaited events in Rome. The aim of the event is to offer a regular meeting point where the community of Rome can gather and where artworks by great artists can be collected and compared to new generations. The opening ceremony will be held at Il Vittoriano – Ala Brasini on 25th March 2017 with the participation of Achille Bonito Oliva, theorist of transavantgarde and well-recognised curator of contemporary art.

Daniele Radini Tedeschi, prominent critic and curator at the 57th edition of the Venice Biennale – Art 2017 section, Guatemala national pavilion – will be guest of honour.

The exhibition’s catalogue will include reviews by eminent critics, among which Vittorio Sgarbi, who participated as lecturer in the meeting preceding the event, held at the Sapienza University of Rome on 28th April.

The 2017 edition of the Triennale International Exhibition was designed by Gianni Dunil, who titled it Aeterna following a simple statement: inclination for art is an eternal virtue. As Dante Alighieri said, “eternal” corresponds to “spiritual” and every artist is a witness of this transcendence. The exhibition will include artworks of different genre, style and inspired by different ways of feeling. It intends to convey the meaning of Eternal and of Spirit, whether showing a landscape, still life, a seascape, an abstract or an informal painting, an installation or whatever belongs to the sacred, universal language of Art.